Wumbo No. 5: EveryRain, EveryForest, All At Café

The Board
President: Brock Jekill
Vice-President: Emily Perrino
Marketing Director: Tiana Lam
Finance Director: Kiera Watson
Equity Director: Nate Ives

The Production Team
Director: Kieran Turnbull
Stage Manager: Emily Wang*
Assistant Stage Manager: Isabeau Lewis*
Producers: Cristian Pertea and Charlotte Emmens
Vocal Directors: Skylar Jordan and Jesus Serrano*
Choreographers: Victoria Stavropoulos and Georgia Dean-Savage*
Music Directors: Stephanie Swindells and Liam Vachon-O’Hearn

The Cast
Elisabeth Pinto* as Spokesperson for the Royal Family
Rob Hughes* as Hank Hill
Phil Fernandez as The Wiggles
Erin Piggott* as Slim Shady
Owen Boucher as Yassified Pinocchio
Katie Pirie as Kate McKinnon
Jarred Sherman* as Gordon Ramsay
Olivia Orsi* as Alexis Rose
Chloë Umengan as Male Gynecologist
Frankie Amato as Jack Harlow
Adam Falconer as Austin Powers
Piper Friesen as Mother Nature

The Band
Saxophone: Stephanie Swindells and Hayden Landolt
Trumpet: Jared Fernyc* and Ryan Kuhar*
Trombone: Liam Vachon-O’Hearn
Keyboard: Jess Traynor
Guitar: Lucas Sheridan*
Bass: Adam Clarke*
Drums: Gavin Scott*

*=rookie show