Picture this. It is late July. You and your co are in the audience of a Queen’s Players show belting out the harmonies that YOU WROTE. The lights are going, the band is killing it, the cast is singing their little hearts out. It is the best vibe. Want to make that dream a reality? Apply to be a vocal director!

The vocal director(s) turn the cast from pansies to Pavarottis (never forget). You’ll be meeting on the regular with the cast to work on harmonies, melodies, and everything in between, as well as evaluating a series of vocal checkins submitted by the cast. Plus, you get the absolute honour of composing your own wild acapella! Will you write a piece made up of songs with Monster in the title or maybe live out your dream of forcing those around you to understand the complex lore of All Too Well (Taylor’s Version) (obviously), the options are endless!. The musical portion of Queen’s Players couldn’t happen without the collaboration between you and the Music Directors, and if our cast doesn’t sound like rock stars, then we’ll never win against Jack Black and those prep school kids!

Time Commitment
Vocal Directors must be present for all cast auditions, vocal rehearsals and meetings with your co (~ 2-5 hours/week), and production meetings (~1 hr/week).