SM = So Much (do we want YOU to be our Stage Manager)! Acronyms are so hip! So is extremist feminism! We digress!

Your standing, in the mansion, looking around at the 100+ person audience. The cast is shaking their things, the band is hitting their notes, the prod team is firing on all cylinders and the board is countin absolute BILLS at the door… and you… you just take it all in realizing without YOUR scheduling none of this would be possible. You’re the GLUE! You’re the GORILLA TAPE! You’re the shining light in an otherwise dark world! What? Rehearsals for the cast, prod team and the band? Already in the GCAL. Moral? Support offered. Body? Bounced. Wet ass? Personality matters ❤ You ensure that the cast has everything they need to succeed, and if they don’t have it, you’ve got connects. Seated at the right hand of a directing team, a Stage Manager’s always got it goin’ on! Like Stacy’s mom, but less ironic and more ~legit~ cause you’re our home run!

Any experience? Helpful. None, but an absolute DRIVE to try and succeed in new things? Hot.

Time Commitment:
About 6+ hours per week, but will vary (i.e., front-loading the scheduling from the stop, and then just help facilitated rehearsals, really can be what you make of it! no stress!). Also a 1 hour prod team meeting every week 🙂