SheGo’s Back to the Future: Ron and Ted’s Loraxcellent Addison Venture

Winter 2022

The Board
President: Katie Pirie
Vice President: Caroline Williams
Marketing Director: Skylar Jordan
Finance Director: Phil Fernandez
Equity Director: Owen Boucher

The Production Team
Director: Lily Casey
Stage Manager: Deanna Cervi*
Assistant Stage Manager: Benjamin Lohoar*
Producers: Tiana Lam* and Madeleine Griffith*
Vocal Directors: Kiera Watson and Mark Polese
Choreographers: Chloe Patrick and James Penwarden
Music Directors: Stephanie Swindells and Nolan Armstrong

The Cast
Piper Friesen* as Addison Rae
Adam Falconer as Ted Lasso
Liam Casey* as Ron Burgundy
Rachel Collings* as Criss Angel
Maddie Yule as Pick Me Boy
Cameron Dunn* as Machine Gun Kelly
Emily Perrino as Lois Griffin
Brock Jekill as God
Rayan Rahal as The Lorax
Frankie Amato as Theatre Kid
Victoria Stavropoulos as SheGo
Hannah Harvey* as Merida

The Band
Keys: Frank Yang*
Guitar: Nolan Armstrong
Bass: Emma Wensley*
Saxophone: Stephanie Swindells and Jess Traynor*
Trumpet: Owen Catania and Brendan Lerant*
Drums: Joey Cantarutti
Trombone: Liam Vachon-O’Hearn*

*= rookie show