Past Shows

19001979Queen’s Drama GuildAKA “The Dark Ages”
19791980Queen’s Players Guild/Gomorra Rebuilt
19801981Queen’s Players GuildGomorrah Rebuilt RevisitedAphrodisiActs
19811982Queen’s PlayersArmageddonEros… by any other name
19821983Queen’s PlayersSinging in the BrainSaint Misbehavin’
19831984Queen’s PlayersHerpes, The Love BugDisorientation
19841985Queen’s PlayersGlobal Noose (A Glowing Revue of a Small Falling Out)Bar Wars (A Well-Fermented Cabaret)
19851986Queen’s PlayersDivine Convention (The Charismatic Cabaret)

Singing in the Brain – 1986
19861987Queen’s PlayersIt’s My Hair Lady (A High Price Toupee)Chicks Ahoy (The Cabaret That Thinks It’s a Cookie)Star Trak – The Motion Sickness (An Enterprising Cabaret)
19871988Queen’s Players“The big Swill [Na Banrighinn]” & “Waiting for God, Eh?”Saved by the Bay TeamHe shoots, He Snores. (A sexually Dysfunctional Cabaret)
19881989Queen’s PlayersThe WhizMan’s Best FriendsLoom w a View, Murder She Croaked, The Spy who Bugged Me
19891990Queen’s PlayersThe Young and the WrestlersSex, Lies and Zebra Mussels
19901991Queen’s PlayersBatpersonThe Dukes of PictonLate Night with David Sweaterman – 1990
19911992Queen’s PlayersA Nightmare on Earl StreetToto Recall
19921993Queen’s PlayersBeverly Hillbillies 90210Avonlea ViceRobin Hood: Prince of Cheese
19931994Queen’s PlayersResidence DogsGeneration X-Files
19941995Queen’s PlayersStar Trek: The Next DefecationWKRAP in Gananoque
19951996Queen’s PlayersNatural Born BradysMelro’s Island (also listed as Melrose Island)
19961997Queen’s Players12 MonkeesIndependence DaysAdmission Impossible
19971998Queen’s PlayersPartying HighArchie Powers
19981999Queen’s PlayersChewbacca to the FutureAlly McBueller’s Day Off
19992000Queen’s PlayersDawson Grease ProjectToys in the HoodShakespeare in Lino’s
20002001Queen’s PlayersGolden Eye GirlfriendsTop Guns ‘N Rosie WorldThere’s Something about Marrying a Millionaire
20012002Queen’s PlayersWho’s the Perfect Company?Scooby Drew Where Are You?This Hour has 9 ½ Weeks
20022003Queen’s PlayersStar Crossed Love WarsSweating to the Weakest DukesThe Never Ending Wedding Story!
20032004Queen’s PlayersDr. Osbourne and the Michael JacktoryParanoid AckroydRockin’ in the Real World
20042005Queen’s PlayersSuper Fabio Bros Vol IIGump, Rice, Three Times a Lady DiTween Eggs and Wham
20052006Queen’s PlayersThe Passion of the Ice: CruisifiedCelebrity JeopardySorry Blanket Jackson, I am for Rita MacNeil
20062007Queen’s PlayersAs The Wayne’s World TurnsMcBeal or No DealThe Chronicles of Sharon, Lois and Batman
20072008Queen’s PlayersAn Inconvenient Truth About Clark and DogDial Whoopi For MurderSesame Street Fighter
20082009Queen’s PlayersA Shot at McLovin’ With Tila TequilaFriday: The 13th Nightmare Before ChristmasJesus Christ Super Star Wars
20092010Queen’s PlayersMiley… Why So Cyrus?Bill Nye-lence of the Lamb ChopWednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Night Live
20102011Queen’s Players2012: The Oprah-calypseOne Night In PerezBrocean’s Eleven
20112012Queen’s PlayersNever Say Neverland Ranc‘Til Death Star Do Us PartEnter Pacman
20122013Queen’s Players00-Bama: Quantum of SOLUSThe Wood, The Chad, And The FuglyHBOMG
20132014Queen’s PlayersCall of Judy: Modern DaycareWilly Wonka and the Methly-HallowsCriss Angels and Demons
20142015Queen’s PlayersCarpe Dora: iSeas the DayLandLorde of the Rings: The Princess Towers
20152016Queen’s PlayersThe Big Bad Wolf of Deck the Hall StreetThe Incredible Sound of Wet Hot AmericaLil’ Bo Pimp My Rhyme
20162017Queen’s PlayersOrange Is The New Outback (100th QP show!)Scooby Doo! Wherefore Art Thou?Crack To The Future: The Wolfe Island Fieri
20172018Queen’s PlayersSuperbad High and the Unbreakable New GroovePageants of the Caribbean: Curse of the Yellow Brick RoadNetworks and Chill: Vimeo Killed The Radio Star
20182019Queen’s PlayersBeachelor in Paradise Lost on the LongiLand ShoreMars One Hundred and Four Days of Summer NeighcationPoonanji: Welcome to the GameStop
20192020Queen’s PlayersHeaven & Ellen Live From New York It’s 1 Less Lonely GorlThe Tonight Show-hemian Rhapsody: An EVEnin’ Wif The Big Fab WoolfSomething’s Offscars: I’d like to Spank the Academy
20202021Queen’s PlayersDoctor Booze Clues: A CommuniTEA in Modern TimesCamp Forever After: Gaslight Me By Your EndgameThe Twilight Zoom: In Quarantine, No One Can Hear You Scream
20212022Queen’s PlayersA Car is Bourne III: No TAM to Die-ry of a Goopy Kid!SheGo’s Back to the Future: Ron and Ted’s Loraxcellent Addison-VentureEat, Play, Love: The Joystick of Cooking Mama Warfare 2
20222023Queen’s PlayersThe Gleeful RehearSaul: arley Plotter and the Prisoner of Arnoldkaban’s Dreamhouse (Taylor’s Velmersion)coming soonWumbo No.5: EveryRain, EveryForest, All At CaféThe Mansion Music Festival