Pageants of the Caribbean: Curse of the Yellow Brick Road

Winter 2018

The Board
President: Betsy Studholme
Vice President: Brody Coffey-Whitworth
Treasurer: Emma Sincerbox
Marketing Director: Mark Ian Lazaro

The Production Team
Director: Julia Fulton
Producers: Lauren Morash and Ailish Connors
Stage Manager: Amanada DiSabatino
Music Directors: Mark Polese and Rob Holinaty
Choreographers: Kip Neweduk and Belinda (Bee) MacBain*

The Cast
Jake Martin as The Jonas Brothers
Mike Jankovich as Lord Voldemort
Sammy Johnston as Honey Boo Boo
Sarah Lamont as Mister (Mr) Clean
The Late Heather MacDonald as Queen’s Baddie
Darrean Baga as Bruno Mars
Sean Begy* as Dobby
Ryan Cormack* as Simon Cowell
Gabe Reeves* as Jack Sparrow
Chloe Sincerbox as Ms. Frizzle
Nicole Alevras as Matilda
Tyler Hunt as Wicked Witch

The Band
Trombone: Ben Knackstedt
Guitar: Lucas Sheridan
Saxophone: Michael Valiquette*
Trumpet: Kerenza Freemantle
Drums: Rob Holinaty
Bass: Mark Polese
Keys: Katie Birt

* = rookie show