Music Director? I hardly know her! Wow, look at you. Reading this cheeky little googy form, contemplating applying to be the MD(s) for A Queen’s Players hot and sexy show. Am I dreaming? Is this real life? It better be otherwise this Kpop Sub Sushi rewards card is useless.

Leaders and assemblers of one of THE most crucial parts of Players: The Band™. Tasked with creating a band involving the best musicians Queen’s has to offer, our Music Director(s) will make the music of the angels. Or at least cover it and be good enough to play at a cheeky MOD club Tuesday @ Trin. Sing it louder for the people in the BACK OF THE ROOM!! Or PLAY IT!! on those cool INSTRUMENTS!!!! Responsibilities include recruiting the band, leading the selection process for the songs performed in the show, and teaching or orchestrating the learning of a multitude of songs. In an online show, the MD(s) are responsible for collecting, editing, and compiling all of the instrumental/vocal tracks from our musical openers, and other audio elements that go into our livestreamed performances. To say you are INSTRUMENTAL in the process of a show… is an understatement…. and an AWFUL pun.

Time Commitment
Music Directors must be present for any/all band hiring, auditions, or virtual rehearsals, and production meetings.
Production Meetings (1hr/week), Band Rehearsals (2-4hrs/week)