Mars 1Hundred and Four Days of Summer Neighcation

Winter 2019

The Board
President: Ruth Oketch
Vice President: Amanda Di Sabatino
Treasurer: Lauren Morash
Marketing Director: Sam King

The Production Team
Director: Sammy Johnston
Producers: James Penwarden and Megan Vahabi*
Stage Managers: Bee MacBain and Thomas Markakos*
Music Directors: Lucas Sheridan and Katie Birt
Vocal Directors: Alex Loe and Michiru Kawabata
Choreographers: Paul Smith and Max Agius

The Cast
Kylie Houston as Phineas and Ferb
Ryan Cormack as The Godfather
Megan Showers as A Baby
Allie Weintraub as Hormone Monstress
Annie McBrien* as TJ Detweiller
Mike Jankovich as Rick Sanchez
Columbia Roy as Dr. Phil
Callum McNeill* as Lola (Big Mouth)
Grace Brown* as Astrology Girl
Ethan Landiado* as Bob Ross
Ellen Williams* as Christina Yang
Kathryn Zhang* as Horse Girl

Trombone: Adam Falconer*
Guitar Lucas Sheridan
Saxophone: Michael Valiquette
Trumpet: Kerenza Freemantle and Alistar Kierulf
Drums: Rob Holinaty
Bass: Joe Kenny
Keys: Katie Birt


*=rookie show