So you wanna be a director? If you don’t think about applying and send to 7 family members or friends the Slender Man will send you slightly worrisome text messages on a dating app that makes you consult your roommate before meeting up with him.

In other words, it seems like you want to be a Director for the upcoming Queen’s Players show! The director(s) of Queen’s Players are 1) HOT 2) the ones who make it HAPPEN 3) collaborate closely with the production team and the cast (who are your children, your brethen, your kin). Along with facilitating scriptwriting/performance sessions with the cast and attending production meetings with the production team and the board, you’ll have the chance to create the show’s central theme, it’s layout, and anything else your heart desires!

Unless you desire to shoot your cast members out of a cannon into the St. Lawrence River. We are a charity, after all.

Time Commitment
Directors must be present for all cast auditions, writing rehearsals (~ 2-4 hours/week), and production meetings (~1 hr/week)