Brock can do 100+ voice impressions, Kiera has the voice of an angel, Tiana creates movies that put Chrstopher Nlan to shame, Nate is a talented playwright and Emily… well she was choreo co-director one (1) time… and she wants to relive her glory days through the CHOREOGRAPHERS of Queen’s Players! WOOOOOOOW!

Were you a pro at Just Dance (specifically the Rasputin dance from Just Dance 2)? Do you sometimes listen to the melancholy howl of the wind outside your window and create an interpretive dance that would make the gods cry tears of joy? No? Just me? If a Wiggles 18+ concert and the Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show (2016) starring Coldplay were to have a baby it would be called “Queen’s Player Choreography Extraordinaire(s)”. It’s passion, it’s drama, but mainly it’s ~good times, and even better friends~

You and your co-choreographer (see also: the love of your life) will be tasked with choreographing some fun, funky, songs in the two show openers! That’s a total of twelve dances (I wanted to make a Barbie and the Twelve Dancing Princesses joke here but I lack the funds)! You will teach these dances to the cast like you sip a glass of sugar free rose wine: wondering how you got here, why you’re doing this, if this is just red and white wine mixed and how you got to the age where sugar free is the only way to cure the hangover and you’re 19? What? Sad! But buy a yearly resolution journal and call yourself “new and improved” because you’re joining the best! club! on! campus! Seriously though, this is an incredible experience and you will create something that you will forever be proud of.

Time Commitment
About 3-6 hours per week, but will vary (i.e., teaching the dances to the cast but also choreographing with your co-choreographer!). Also a 1 hour prod team meeting every week 🙂