A Car is Bourne III: No TAM to Die-ry of a Goopy Kid

Fall 2021

The Board
President: Katie Pirie
Vice President: Caroline Williams
Marketing Director: Skylar Jordan
Finance Director: Phil Fernandez
Equity Director: Owen Boucher

The Production Team
Director: Nate Ives
Stage Manager: Leah Jadd*
Producers: Taryn Resende and Charlotte Emmens*
Vocal Directors: Serena Ferzli and Calla Truebridge*
Choreographers: Maddie Yule* and Emily Perrino
Music Directors: Adam Falconer and Stephanie Swindells

The Cast
Ben Jeffries as Ron Stoppable
Kieran Turnbull as Michael Cera
Brock Jekill as Hercules
Helen Rotenberg* as Lady Gaga
Cristina Foschia as Fairy Godmother
Jon Britton* as James Corden
Chloe Patrick as The Queen
Cindy Ci as Queen’s Frosh
Jacob Klein*/Lily Casey as Lightning McQueen
Kiera Watson* as Dr. Jean F. Milburn
Sadie Williams* as Gwyneth Paltrow
Sarah Watt* as Scarlet Witch

The Band
Keys: Thomas Cherney
Guitar: Nolan Armstrong
Bass: Cameron McNeil
Saxophone: Alex Krstic and Stephanie Swindells
Trombone: Adam Falconer, Liam Cregg, and Owen Catania*
Drums: Aaliyan Khan*

* = rookie show